About Iron Titan Gym

Iron Titan Gym is Denver’s HOME for all strength seeking members.  

You will no longer be stuck in the corner of some “fitness center” anymore.  We encourage the use of loud music, chalk, tacky, and smelling salts. Strength feeds on strength.  Come be a part of an atmosphere where you can uncage your intensity and build yourself to the next level you’re trying to get to.

Owner Justin Menning has been competing in Strongman for over 9 years.  As a competitor, he knows what you’re seeking in a real gym for strength gains.  That exactly what he has built and continuing to grow for you.  Iron Titan Gym has thousands of pounds of iron, a multitude of specialized barbells and implements, and a culture unmatched by any other gym around.  Justin is also the United States Strongman Colorado State Representative.  So be sure to check out our Events page for upcoming events.  We also host powerlifting meets as well!